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Customization Project

Platform customization
We can design the optimal public push to talk platform according to different type of enterprises, like the platform function, brand, server, etc.
System function customization
Our system engineers can customize the system function according to different requirements of customer, like change/delete some default function.
Software customization
We have software engineers , UI designer and R&D team to support software customization.
Terminal customization
We support professional terminal OEM/ODM and provide service like Diy logo/product box/user manual, etc.
eSIM card is the Embedded-SIM card. The eSIM card is to embed the traditional SIM card directly on the device chip instead of being added to the device as an independent removable component, and the user does not need to insert a physical SIM card. This allows users to choose operator packages more flexibly, or change operators at any time without having to unlock the device or purchase a new device. Using eSIM can decrease mobile device usage costs for ordinary consumers and business users, and bring more convenience and security.
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