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 1.The difference between digital FM Transceiver and analog FM Transceiver 

Digital FM Transceiver and analog FM Transceiver distinctions are:

(1)Digital intercom function to better use the spectrum resources. You can load more users on a channel. Improve the utilization of the spectrum. Is a solution to the frequency of crowded programs.

(2) Stronger communication confidentiality: Habitat digital series of radio products using high-level digital encryption technology. Maximize the privacy of user communications. Eliminating the worries of communication leaks.

(3) More clear call quality. TID digital series of FM Transceiver products with ultra-long, ultra-clear voice call quality. And digital FM Transceiver in the anti-interference, noise filtering and transmission filtering, the analog FM Transceiver has done a lot of improvement. Easily meet the user complex and changeable professional communication needs.

Temporarily summarize the difference between digital FM Transceivers and analog FM Transceivers. If you have any other questions. You can consult customer service or dealer.

 2. How to use radio 

(1) When the radio is firing, keep the FM Transceiver in a vertical position, and keep the microphone and the mouth 2.5-5 cm distance, so that the other party to receive the best quality.

(2)The use of the process do not turn on several times the power of the action, while the volume adjustment to the volume for your hearing.

Please refer to the product specifications.

 3. How to determine whether the radio antenna is damaged? 

Solution: Check the antenna center pin is bad, antenna and antenna head connection where there is dirt, the antenna is broken.

Prevention: Use as little as possible to remove the antenna, do not break the antenna.

 4. The FM Transceiver in the use of a period of time, the call distance is shortened why? 


(1) FM Transceiver power control or transmission line current limiting part of the bad, leading to radio no transmitter power, please carefully check.

(2)In the course of the use of FM Transceiver antenna and FM Transceiver connection is not tightened.


(3) Connect the external power supply voltage is too high or reverse will cause the phenomenon, in the use of external power supply, lease carefully check.

(4) Please carefully check the use of radio and antenna connection is released.

 5. When the reception is small, intermittent or silent, etc. how to solve? 


(1) Check the battery voltage is too low, please charge or replace the new battery.

(2)The volume is small, adjust the volume control knob to increase the volume.

(3)The antenna is not loose or installed in place, please remove the antenna after the shutdown and re-installed, and then boot.

(4)The speaker is blocked or damaged, for simple cleaning or timely replacement.

Prevention: Prevents the collision or beating of an external force.

 6.The reception, the channel appears in other calls or noise 


(1)By the same frequency user interference, please change to a new frequency, or adjust the squelch level; 2)No set signaling, please all the radio set the signaling set to prevent the same frequency interference.

 7.When receiving, the noise is greater 


(1)If other members of the communication distance is too far, please confirm the effective communication range, turn off and re-open the FM Transceiver to try again.

(2)The poor environment, such as blocked by tall buildings, or located in the basement, etc., please transfer to open flat, close and re-open the FM Transceiver to try again.

(3)By the outside strong signal or electromagnetic interference, please avoid the equipment may cause frequency interference.

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